The Rise of Social Media Marketing

By June 21, 2019 The Digital Knockout Blog

By now most people have realised that social media isn’t just a fad. In fact, it’s impact on the
way we communicate has been said to have been the largest social shift since the Industrial
The constant adding and upgrading of social media platforms has created marketing
goldmine that is continuously creating new opportunities to connect with consumers.
Social Media has become a fundamental marketing tool for companies because, whether or
not they like it, people will use social media as a platform to talk about their experiences
with different business.
Company reputations are now under the control of the customers, and it only takes a
handful of people writing negative reviews to cause a PR nightmare that can destroy the
public perception of an entire company. 
This is why being able to connect and engage with people has quickly become a cornerstone
of modern marketing, as it allows companies to take back some of the control by market
their brand the way they want it perceived.
On a lighter note, however, having accounts on social media platforms that are frequented
by your target market can help build relationships with customers by providing engaging
content and easily accessible information.
Keep in mind advanced social marketing can generate up to ten times what you spend so
this is worthwhile investing time and knowledge into.
Why Business Should Use Social Media Marketing
Everyone who has done well in the modern business market seems to have somehow
cracked the code of effective social media marketing. Properly utilizing various social media
platforms is the best way to boost your business, as it delivers incredible results in regards
to sales, leads, and brand awareness. It essentially provides your business with an enormous
reach at an incredibly low cost.
Fun fact, when Facebook first launched their advertising platform, early adopters became
millionaires quicker than ever! This was simply because the cost per sale was so low that
virtually any first mover in any industry was guaranteed to do well!
The key features of social media that have revolutionized modern marketing are:
 It provides you with a wide reach to a variety of audiences
 It enables you to form strong relationships with consumers
 Content sharing has become so much quicker and simpler
 It gives you multiple platforms in which you can boost your brand awareness
 It serves as a direct link from company to customer, which increases brand loyalty

The Different Types of Social Media

Type Use Examples
Social Networks To connect with people and
companies online

– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn

Media Sharing

To find and share different media
types (i.e. photos, videos, etc.)

– Instagram
– Snapchat
– YouTube

Discussion Forums To find and share different
information and ideas



Content Curation

To find, save, and share new and
trending content



Social Review Sites To find and review businesses

– Yelp
– TripAdvisor

Blogging and
Publishing Platforms

To publish or share original

Tumblr –

Social Shopping

To follow trends and brands, and
find relevant items to purchase



Sharing Economy

To advertise, buy/sell, or trade
various goods and services



Social Media Statistics
Still sceptical on the effectiveness of boosting your businesses with social media marketing?
Consider these statistics:
3.48 billion people worldwide are social media users (as of January 2019), which is almost
half of the global population (45% to be specific)
Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other
types of content
Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (95%)
83% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertisements

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are
likely to recommend it to others.
80% of companies online are under the impression that they deliver exceptional social
media customer service, while only 8% of their customers say that they agree.
The 8 Most Popular Platforms and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Platform Monthly Active Users

(MAU) Benefits

Facebook 2.32 billion MAU

Lead generation
Customer service
Customer conversions
Customized Targeting
Brand awareness

YouTube 1.9 billion MAU

Brand awareness
Lead generation
Audience engagement
Customized Targeting

Messenger 1.3 billion MAU

Lead generation
Customer service
Customer conversions

Instagram 1 billion MAU

Brand awareness
Audience engagement
Customer conversions

Twitter 330 million MAU

Lead generation
Customer engagement
Customer conversions
Brand awareness

LinkedIn 303 million MAU

Lead generation
Professional engagement
Audience insight
Snapchat 287 million MAU Brand awareness
Audience engagement

Pinterest 250 million MAU

Brand awareness
Customer engagement
Web traffic

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