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Reasons why your SEO is not giving you results

SMEs and even big corporations around the world now realize the benefits that a responsive SEO (search engine optimization Brisbane) strategy can bring to their online endeavors. It is no surprise that more and more business owners are now carrying out different SEO campaigns to attract visitors and potential customers to their site. Implementing a specific SEO strategy with your SEO company Brisbane doesn't guarantee you certain results; in fact, it isn't enough to place you on the first page of Google search.

So many times, persons take an ill-informed decision in choosing and implementing an SEO campaign, without realizing that they are set for failure even before they get started. If you are in a situation where you are not getting the results that you would have expected from your SEO campaign, don't think that Google singled you out for punishment, rather it could be that your SEO plan is faulty, and thus failing to bring you your expected results.

Let's check out some of the reasons why your SEO Plans with your SEO agency Brisbane are failing, and see what you can do to curb such issues.


Your website isn't mobile friendly

Reports show that more and more people are making use of their mobile to make their findings than other devices, and this has prompted Google to give preferences to site that is mobile friendly on the search results, than other websites. So if your website isn't responsive and mobile first, you would hardly get ranked, and above all that will make you miss out on massive traffic.


You are expecting quick results

Typically, SEO campaigns take a specific duration before they start reaping results. If you are hoping your SEO campaign will shoot up quickly, you might want to tone down your expectations a bit and be patient enough to wait for it to generate the right result.


Your website is outdated

Content and user engagement in your website is key when it comes to any SEO plan. To gain the attention of Google's algorithm, you need to possess rich contents on your site, coupled with a blossoming social media presence, and more importantly, show that you have useful user engagement on your website.


Insufficient keywords

Using popular keywords, along with using short keywords are the common mistakes most people make in their plans. If you use the keywords mentioned above, there is a high chance you will get lost in the crowd. Pay attention to your keywords and try as much as possible not to make them too broad or specific.


Final thoughts

The reasons as mentioned earlier might just be why your SEO plan with your SEO consultants Brisbane isn't giving you the expected results. Getting to know exactly what the cause of the problem is the first step to getting yourself right on track. Getting your SEO campaign to function as you want isn't one-day thing, you need a bit of patience, and the right plan, and at the end of the day, you will get to see the reward on a full scale.

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