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Landing Page Design Services

Landing pages are essential marketing channels that can profit from any activity. If you want to expand your list (through a lottery or initial sale of the product) or sell more (highlighting special offers or posting the latest items), landing pages are a great way to encourage new customers, educate people about products and conversion units.

Unlike the site’s homepage, which is typically designed to provide an overview of the business, landing pages allow you to increase customer loyalty and increase profits by focusing on a specific goal to achieve within a short period. By creating landing pages for exclusive campaigns, audiences, events, or promotions, you can give users a clear, straightforward action plan and make it easy to purchase products or subscribe to your list.

You can plan, design, and track the number of landing pages you need to reach your customers in the same place where you manage all of your marketing. Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create your pages, and every page you create is great for mobile devices to look great on any device. Moreover, they are free.

Determine The Objective

Before you begin, you must set the goal of your landing page. We simplifies this part by proposing two models: the registration page and the product page. A registration page has been created to help you develop your list, while a product page is intended to advertise your business and sell items in the store.

Think About Your Audience

Increase the relevancy of your landing pages and get more conversions, taking into account your audience and the message you are trying to pass across. There are no two equal customers. Instead of using generic landing page messages and giving everyone the same experience, try creating different landing pages, each addressed to a specific part of your audience.

For example, if you have a clothing business, you can create different custom landing pages for customers in a particular region of the country. One page could promote the use of swimsuits for people living in warmer areas, while another page could be used to show their winter collection to people living in colder climates. You can also create a specific landing page to share social networks to generate new lists from the list, as well as another list in which only the links of an email campaign with your VIP customers highlight some products and help generate sales.

Write A Convincing Copy

Landing pages, such as ad campaigns and email campaigns, are most effective when they include a close, concise, and relevant text of your audience.

  • Title: Write a title that catches the attention of visitors as soon as they arrive on the page.
  • Body: your messages should be precise, informative and objective. If you are promoting a sale, make sure that you have inserted a sense of urgency into your copy or, if you are collecting email addresses from your customers, indicate the reasons why you are requesting information and the communications that you can expect to receive. 
  • Call to Action (CTA): Keep CTA clear and achievable. Think about the acquisition phase of your customers and adapt your CTA accordingly. Do you need inspiration? See these examples of real life.
  • Footer: Enter your details so that customers have no trouble contacting you if they have any questions or concerns.

Use Beautiful Photos

You can access a library where you can search with our flexible content manager, and if you connect your store, your images will automatically be provided with your product. With just a few clicks, you can include images showing you the latest products or adding them an outstanding background image to capture the attention of your customers.

Include Detailed Product Information.

Landing pages, particularly those designed to help you sell more items, provide an excellent opportunity to highlight a particular item and tell your customers why they need it. Include descriptive information about the product and make sure to extend the key product specifications, such as size or dimensions. Tell your customers what makes your products and business unique. Remember: history usually leads to conversion.

Build Trust With Comments

Have you read the reviews of a company or product before making the final decision? In this case, you already know that online reviews can directly affect a business: buyers are attentive to what other buyers think. In fact, according to research, 85% of consumers rely on both online reviews and personal recommendations.

Take advantage of your customers’ positive feedback, including testimonials directly on your landing page. Your comments cannot only help you advertise your business or products, but it can also be the final push of a potential customer before making the final purchase decision.

Include Promotional Codes Or Discounts

Coupons and promotional codes are among the most effective sales growth tools. In fact, according to observation, 57% of consumers say that companies offering special offers to loyal customers are different from the competition. When creating landing pages for your business, include unique coupon codes or other offers to encourage them further to serve your customers. Each landing page can target a specific audience and can be independent of your site, store, or other types of marketing, so it’s easy to advertise an incentive for a small portion of your audience without altering any of your other promotions or marketing strategies.

Submit Your Page

Once you’ve created and published the landing page, it’s time to start promoting it to your audience. You can distribute the URL of your personalized landing page at the desired frequency to reflect the purpose of the page and determine which other marketing channels can help you achieve your goals? Since all landing pages created are compatible with mobile devices from the beginning, they are perfect for everyone, regardless of how you access your page.

For example, if you want to increase your list, you can decide to target the traffic to your landing page on your Facebook page. Or, if you aim to sell a new product, you can choose to include a link on your site or in the next campaign by email. Be strategic and use the other marketing channels to your advantage.

You Have A Plan For New Customers And Subscribers

If you’re using your landing page to expand your ad or sell more, it’s essential to have a plan for everyone who clicks on CTA. Our marketing and automation tools will help you stay in touch with new subscribers and repeat customers so you can deliver relevant, personalized content and feel like VIPs.

You can keep the conversation going and get people into your business with a series of auto greetings that are sent to everyone who signs up for a particular landing page. Design and send custom order confirmations, invoices, and other e-mail notifications to customers who make a purchase. Or it automatically accompanies buyers to thank them for their purchase, to provide useful information about the product or to request feedback.

Landing pages are a great way to reach your audience and generate conversions. With these tips and helpful tutorials, you’ll have everything you need to create pages with more clicks, more subscriptions and more sales for your business.


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What’s It Like Working With Digital Knockout?

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With over 13,000,000 Australians on Facebook alone, your customers can certainly be found & compelled through Social Media Marketing.

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Google Ads is away and by far the quickest way to outrank competitors and get in front of prospective buyers, activly searching for you and what you offer. 

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Websites need to look good, but also be designed and structured to convert! What’s a good looking website if it doesn’t generate sales & leads?

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For those looking for the best long term growth and a campaign that will only get more effective in time, SEO is the channel for you.

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