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Click the button below to secure your free 30-minute time-slot with a Strategic Adviser. This call is valued at $1,500 because you'll walk away with a simple and proven sales generating system for exponential business growth.


Step-By-Step Business Growth Blueprint

We’ll start by listening to you. Then based on your unique grow growth goals, we’ll create you a tailor-made, step-by-step business growth blueprint to ensure you achieve them with the highest probability of success possible.

Your custom growth blueprint will be based on the most successful strategies we’ve discovered from 7,850+ meticulous marketing tests. So you’ll have an actionable marketing plan in place which consistently turns ice-cold prospects into repeat customers with predictability.

How To Increase Sales Without Spending More On Marketing

If you suffer from inconsistent cash flow and temperamental sales. Then we’ll walk you through a tried and tested sales, profit and cash flow expansion plan which focuses on stabilizing your revenue and maximizing your sales volume without spending more on marketing.

This foolproof plan was originated by 3 of Australia’s highest rated experts and we’ll reveal how it makes you more sales even if you hate selling. In fact, this actionable roadmap shows you how to turn bad leads, into profitable leads with just a few minor tweaks to your sales process.

How To Ethically Steal Your Competitors Customers Without Them Knowing

Who are your closest competitors? We’ll conduct advanced vulnerability analysis to hunt down the chink in their marketing armour.

Once we’ve locked on to you competitors laziest marketing mistakes, we’ll hand you a few simple steps you can implement that same day to start overtaking them and ethically stealing their market share.

Honestly, this is one of the shortest and easiest paths to creating a profitable marketing campaign for your business because we’ll reveal their most lucrative traffic sources and sales systems right before your eyes on the call.

3-Point Advertising and Conversion Rate Audit

How could you immediately improve your advertising and make at least 3X as many sales without increasing your marketing spend?

We’ll assess your current website, marketing, and advertisements using our proprietary 3-point audit system to ensure you’re not losing any easy money customers.

From there we’ll highlight the key areas for improvement and how you can easily make the changes yourself for an immediate increase in revenue.


Perhaps Not, But It Has Worked Like Wildfire For Our Partners

Why Are We Giving This $1,500 Strategic Consultation Away For Free?

We always get asked…

“If this session is so valuable, why are you giving it away for free? What’s the catch?”

That’s a great question. Here’s why…

We’re giving this personalised strategy consultation away because many of the business owners we assist often come back and ask us to help them implement their tailor-made growth strategy.

Frankly, there is no catch, and this is not a sales call. You will never be pressured into buying anything by a slimy salesperson who looks like they haven’t bathed in 2-weeks. That’s not our style, nor will it ever be.

We prefer to clearly outline each marketing channel and their respective pros and cons so you can easily choose which strategy is right for you. All we do is provide the recommended strategy. You judge it for yourself.


Laurence BellPerformance Enhanced Nutrition

“By far the best team I've ever worked with. They took my online store from $10k/month to over $100k/month in under 6 months and have legitimately changed my life. Can't recommend highly enough.”

Linda AnnPoseidon Equine

“My experience with DKO has been incredible. They are very professional and committed to delivering outcomes that are measurable. As a small business owner my timeframes can be challenging and yet they are flexible and patient. I highly recommend them”

Oliver LeightonAlert Alarms Australia

“I was a small start-up when I first started working with the team at DKO, they were budget friendly and very flexible and produced AMAZING results. Rankings and sales through the roof and a very diligent account manager Ed, can't speak highly enough of the whole experience.”

Alexander JamesAJ's Cleaning

“We had so many leads we had to turn off ads after 3 weeks to hire more people! Best decision I've made in business in a long time working with this crew.”

Plus! You Will Also Gain These Lucrative Resources On The Day Of Your Call...

  • Money Saving Marketing Checklist (which clearly outlines a few simple, yet crucial money saving tips you can implement today which nearly no advertising agency will tell you)
  • Copy and Paste Email Marketing Templates (if you want to turn newsletter sign up into profit, then these swipe and deploy email templates will take the guesswork out of writing emails that convert like crazy)
  • Social Media Marketing Schedule (Do you know the perfect day and time to post on social media to secure the most engagement? Or do you know how to create tantalizing content that grabs your prospect’s attention by the throat? This foolproof guide will show you how)
  • Rigorous ROI Calculator (Want to calculate the ROI of your marketing campaign before you burn your entire budget? You’ll gain exclusive access to the exact calculator we use to gauge the profitability of a campaign so you can save money and forge winning ads, more often)
  • How To Write Would Class Blog Posts That Trigger An Avalanche Of Sales (If you hate writing blog posts, however, realise they can make you a small fortune, you’ll discover the exact layout and formula we use to produce blogs which can double or even triple your sales)

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