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Wait! You Are One Last Step Away From Reserving Your Free Session

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Thanks for submitting your contact details. Now you’re just one final step away from fully-reserving your FREE, zero-obligation session.

All you need to do now is simply select a day and time which suits YOU best in the calendar above.

Please choose this time slot carefully so you’re 100% sure you’ll able to show up on that day and at that time.
Once you reserve a time slot in the calendar, it’s yours. No one else will have access to that 30-minute time slot.
Which means if you miss-book or need to reschedule for any reason at all. We can not guarantee you another spot in this month’s available sessions as they are highly-likely to book out.
Once you have reserved your time slot in the calendar above, you’ll be sent a confirmation email which includes your session time, day and other details.
Please make sure to mark this time down in your diary and make a note of it in your calendar because if you don’t show up within the first 10 minutes of your scheduled time slot, sadly we’ll be forced to cancel your session.
However, in saying that…
Congratulations on reserving your session and we’re truly excited about what could be a life-transforming call.
Speak soon,
Lucas Durante
Co Founder / CEO