7 ways to explode your Facebook sales!

Everyone who has done well in the modern business market seems to have somehow
cracked the Facebook code an exploded their sales, making them a phenomenal success.
Fun fact, when Facebook first launched their advertising platform, early adopters became
millionaires quicker than ever! This was simply because the cost per sale was so low that
virtually any first mover in any industry was guaranteed to do well!
Now with, competition increasing and more people using the platform, you’re left to
wonder what’s really setting the winners apart from the losers! Thankfully it’s not too hard
to learn these little known tips and tricks to success, which we are going to list out for you
here absolutely free!

Low cost audience building
Facebook is one of the best places for your business to be. The platform has more than two billion
monthly active users, 1.2 billion on Messenger, and 700 million on Instagram, which Facebook also
owns. This makes it easier than ever to reach your target market.
But that also comes with a big downside: complications figuring out how to reach them and bring
them back to your website. With declining organic reach, it’s harder than ever before.
One of the best ways to boost your Facebook sales actually tends to be by dialling back on the
selling aspect of the brand, and instead focus on engaging with your audience and building a brand
The online identity of a brand is important when building an audience as it’s centred around
marketing and selling a lifestyle, rather than just a product.
Promoting your brand identity this way humanises your business and conveys an overall sense of
trustworthiness to your audience. This helps boosts customer loyalty as people tend to be more
receptive to a brand if they feel like the interaction is social, not just a direct sales pitch.
Killer Content and Ad Copy
There tends to be an inherent distrust of online advertising, and studies have shown that people
actually, ignore posts that they think are blatant advertising.
Basing your marketing and advertising strategy around the aggressive sell usually ends up having
the opposite effect.
When advertising for your company, its important to keep in mind that people primarily Facebook
for pleasure and fun, not to be bombarded with ads.
This is why the best way to rope in customers through advertising is by writing a killer ad copy, and
visually engaging content.
Advertising with the intention of engaging your audience generates intrigue for potential customers,
and builds a rapport with returning customers.

On first glance, your ad copy should immediately show what you’re offering, how it can benefit
them, and what to do next.
Here are some of the key tips to remember when writing your Facebook ads
Make sure your text and visual match

 If the text and image seem to have no relationship, people aren’t going to spend time trying to
figure out what you’re selling
Quality over quantity
 Ad copies are most effective when they’re brief but informative. Ideally, you should be able to
capture the reader’s curiosity by finding the balance between vague enough to be intriguing,
while still being specific enough to get your point across.
Use simple language
 Nothing loses a persons interest faster than confusing and overly complicated sentences. The
number one priority when writing an ad copy should be writing a brief that even a child could
Address your audience directly
 Using the word you in your ad copy is a good way to frame your message from the
perspective of the customer instead of the brand. This creates a personal connection with the
audience and can help to build trust.
Use Emotions to engage the audience
 Emotion is an incredibly powerful factor in the decision-making process. The two most
powerful emotions to utilise in advertising: fear and desire. Fear in advertising relates more to
a collective social anxiety, using keywords that invoke a sense of urgency and (fear of
missing out) can boost sales from people scared of missing out an opportunity.
 Creating an air of desire can also be used in advertising as effective as a tool for winning
over customers. Creating a message that draws on the emotional should ideally convey the
idea that your product can help them achieve a certain idealized lifestyle
Graphic Designed Facebook Ad Images
When showing off your brand, high-quality photo and video displays are a must. In recent years
Facebook has actually changed its algorithm to prioritise photo and video content over text posts, so
drawing people in with eye-catching displays is both easier and more important than ever.
The first step in designing an Ad image is to find a colour scheme for your product and be consistent
with it. When people scroll through Facebook they tend to either ignore or not register photos and
videos that don’t stand out, so in order for people to pay attention then you have to think outside
the box and really set your brand apart from the rest.
Psychology of colour
The psychology of colour plays a vital role in not only grabbing someone’s attention but also
keeping it. Studies have shown that when looking at ads people tend to make up their minds within
90 seconds of the initial interaction, and around 62-90% of the time their decision is based on colour
alone. Our appreciation of certain colours has to do strongly with the context that therein, so

designing using colours that fit with the product and the target audience is the best way to make sure
your add isn’t overlooked.
Getting someone to actually click on your ad comes down to your ad's image so its important to
remember quality over quantity! Find the line between being unique and standing out, and being
visually offensive or tacky.
When designing ads you need to think about your specific product and what kind of imagery best
showcases it, however, as a general rule of thumb these tactics all work well in advertising
Including people and faces
 Studies have shown that see a smiling person, it tends to garner a feeling of happiness and
safety, and that having a person associated with your product can boost an audience by up to
Showing your product in action
 Don’t be afraid to showcase your product, people tend to want to see what they’re buying
before making a decision. Showing your product in the ad increases brand awareness, lets
people immediately decide if they like it, and it can help people to imagine what they would
look or feel like using the product which makes them more inclined to buy.
Adding Logos or Overlaying Text
 Logos and overlaying text are great tools for increasing brand awareness and conveying a
the message, but remember to keep it clean and minimal so it doesn’t undercut the rest of the ad.
Dynamic Retargeting
Dynamic Retargeting is a powerful advertising tool that is able to generate unique adds based on the
individual customer. These ads are tailor-made to best suit the customer based on their online
patterns and behaviours. Retargeted ads are produced based on a number of factors such as products
they’ve previously looked at, items in their cart if they’ve abandoned it, purchase history,
geographical location, interest in similar products or brands, and search history.
This form of targeted advertising is vital for so many reasons as it significantly boosts click through
rates and drives revenue, it increases the likelihood of repeat customers, it minimizes the number of
lost sales, and most importantly it allows you to reach new customers who have already shown
interest in similar websites and products. There are so many ways to utilize this dynamic retargeting
technology to boost sales, such as:
 Retargeting customers who didn’t go through with a purchase reminds them of what they
wanted to buy and increases the chances of them following through with the purchase
 Retarget people who have visited similar pages or bought similar products to drive them
towards your products instead
 Retarget potential customers who only visited your website to know more about a product or
a price, as it shows they’re interested and are likely to become a paying customer with the
right motivation
 Retarget people who have previously searched for a product that you offer as well
Killer Landing Pages
Landing pages, when talking about online marketing, refers to a single page that people are directed
to or land on after clicking an ad. These pages contain information about a product or offer and are

designed to capture the attention of a potential customer and increase sales by converting traffic from
a specific marketing campaign. Having a landing page that shows off your company in a positive and
professional way is an important part of increases conversions and generating new leads, as it is
essentially your first impression or introduction to potential customers who are interested in your
offer. An effective landing page should convey a simple and clear message, contain easy to access
links, while also reflecting and staying in sync with your brand identity.
Scaling Facebook Campaigns
Once you’ve set up your Facebook ad campaigns, its time to think about scaling. Ad scaling is an
incredibly beneficial marketing tool that focuses on spending money to make money. Essentially,
you pick one or more successful or well-performing ads you want to scale and increase the advertising
budget in order to boost that ad campaign and sell more product. In order to do this successfully,
there are a few factors to consider such as if you have enough consumer data for to optimizing
scaling, how much you’re willing to spend, and if you’ve run tests for which ad(s) will scale the best.
Creating a Successful Email Campaign
The aim of almost all email marketing campaigns is to drive customer conversion and click-throughs,
and increase sales. In order to create an effective and functional email campaign, consider the
Keep it simple
 On average the adult attention span is roughly eight seconds, and nothing loses a
persons interest faster than long chunks of text. With email, people tend to scan for key
words, so in order to write a successful campaign you need to be able to convey your
message while still maintaining interest.
Don’t underestimate the power of visuals
 A good layout and visually appealing images are important to draw the customers
attention, highlight key points and lead them to a call to action without them having to
read the entire email.
Make it personal
 Email personalization creates a sense of connection with the reader, which can help to
build trust and make it more likely for them to engage with your email. The best way to
achieve this is through customer segregation and targeting, ensuring that the email you
send is relevant to everyone receiving it.
Make conversion easy
 In order for an email campaign to be successful, it has to be easy for people to click
through via the email. The best ways of ensuring this is by clearly showing where they
need to click and what the next step is, and by making your email mobile friendly. Most
people use their phones for personal email, so making sure that your campaign is
accessible is a must.

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