Skyrocket Your Sales and Install Predictability Into Your Business With Evidence Based Marketing Methods

If you’re sick and tired of advertising campaigns that cost you more than they make you, read on and discover how evidence-based marketing methods can guarantee you an uplift of 25% in nearly any of your campaigns.

An Evidence Based Marketing Agency That Guarantees You Real World Results?

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Digital marketing

Do you have trouble being found online? Do you need to increase the number of clients you generate? Are sales low? Do you know that you have to sell online but do not know where to start? Do you need a new website? Are you confused about how much to invest and where?

If you ask these questions, you are not alone. Every day we talk to companies and individuals about how to use their website and digital channels to market and grow your business. As digital marketing agency Melbourne as well as digital marketing agency Sydney, we serve our Australian customers to obtain results-driven campaigns that drive traffic, customers, sales and ROI.

We understand that every site and every business is different, but all businesses require a marketing firm or an online marketing agency be it a digital marketing company Sydney or a digital agency Melbourne. Our services are customized according to the circumstances to achieve the objectives that interest you and your results. We believe in transparency and open and honest communication about what we offer and how we do it. Let our results speak for themselves.

In the cluttered digital space, the adage "build and it will come" is simply no longer valid. For results, brands need to promote users at the right time with the right message and channel, and this is where a digital marketing agency comes in.

As a digital agency, we do not only write strategies, create websites and create compelling experiences. We also design, create and implement digital marketing campaigns that give you an edge towards your targeted audience.

We put our creative talent to the service of compelling campaigns as an independent service or as an extension of a larger digital project.

Like all good digital agency Sydney and digital marketing agency, Melbourne will say, digital marketing starts with a good strategy and planning. It is based on public understanding, understanding the needs of the business and creating a plan to combine the two. This creates a commitment and, ultimately, a return on investment.


Types Of Digital Marketing company Services We Offer.

Our digital marketing Australia services include:

  • Campaign and planning strategy.
  • Conceptualization.
  • Creative design and execution.
  • Manage and report on your campaign.

Digital marketing Melbourne is much more than online advertising and should not be considered as a single digital channel. Effective digital marketing, which most digital marketing agency Australia implement, involves a wide range of channels, especially for your audience, and can include any or all of the following:



Increase the speed of the brand at the top of the search results pages in the industry, leading directly to increased traffic and highly visible search campaigns that put your brand at the top of the competition.



Grow your brand on millions of relevant networks with content that increases potential, conversions and return on investment. Create two-way online marketing and utilize the audience response.



Ask your industry for content that answers customer questions and set it up as a resource for the consultation. Use our search engine experience to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors and establish your brand.



Make your website accessible only with a beautiful aesthetic design that enhances the image of your brand, informs the user and keeps the customer's attention throughout the consultation.



Increase open email rates with personalized content and strategies that reward your subscribers with valuable information. It reaches thousands of customers and generates loyalty with measurable results.



Create high-impact video views and copy client clips from your video with a complete solution on your website. With our explicit content and actions, we will turn your potential customers into sales.

Look for marketing agency Melbourne that will provide you with the right results in the shortest possible time

We provide web development, PPC & SEO consulting services. Get in touch with us today.



If you want to catapult your bottom-line, grow your company and gain more customers than you can handle…

Digital Knockout is your safest bet because we guarantee you results or we work for free.

There’s simply no need to waste time with agencies who won’t put their money where their mouth is. We’re here to install predictability and accelerate growth into your companies cash flow so you can enjoy more time with friends and family.

Although, we don’t want you to believe anything we say just yet. Not until you see the evidence for yourself. You be the judge.

If after careful consideration, you would like to reserve a free 30-minute strategic consult with us. We would be happy to speak with you.

We Consistently Craft Profit Producing Marketing Campaigns For Our Clients. Here’s Proof.

83% of our happy customers have been burnt by more than two so-called “marketing agencies” in the past. So we don’t expect you to believe a single word we say. We want you to be the judge, so simply examine these real-world case studies and judge our services for yourself. You may like what you see.

YCL Jewels Case Study –

Another Happy Customer!

Performance Nutrition-

10k to 120k/mnth in 6 months

Alert Alarms Australia –

Up 7,000 positions in 6 months!

Clean Energy Technology

$200k to $2.2mil in 6 months

But Will Our Tried and Tested Marketing Strategies Work For Your Business Too?

Perhaps not. We simply don’t know what industry you’re in or what your growth goals are yet. However, since our strategies have produced over $135,000,000 in sales across 78 industries and niches… there’s a fair chance they may work for your business too.

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We Specialize In A Diverse Range Of Marketing Methods So You Secure The Most Lucrative Strategy For Your Business

However, just because you can advertise on any platform, does not mean you should. Your business, customers, and goals are unique. So you must choose your marketing channel quite carefully.

Our friendly strategic advisors will walk you through the pros and cons of each marketing platform so you understand which options you can rely on to deliver the most profitable results for your business.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t expect you to make an uneducated or impulse decision. Instead, we prefer to clearly outline the pros and cons of each platform so you can make an empowered decision.

Social Media Marketing

13,000,000 Aussies actively use Facebook every month. We harness their shockingly accurate targeting tactics to hunt down your perfect customers with strike when the time is right. Click here and discover 3 unpublished Facebook ad secrets that triple sales.

Google AdWords PPC

If you want to instantly skip the Google queue and rank #1 for lucrative search terms, Google Adwords could become your own ATM. Click here to discover 4 simple steps to slash your cost per click by up to 75% in 30-days.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you get harassed about SEO 50 times a day like we do, we understand how frustrating the empty promises can be. Which is why we guarantee page one rankings or we work for free. Click here for 3 under-publicized SEO shortcuts to gain 6X more free traffic in the next 90-days.


Our Strategic Partnerships

Why Should You Choose Digital Knockout Over Every Other Agency?


Maybe You Should NOT Choose Us…

Why on earth would we say such a thing?

Because in the nature of full transparency, we may not be the right fit for your business. We don’t pretend we can help everyone shatter their goals and right now, we do not know what yours are yet.

Plus maybe your marketing material is already excellent. We don’t presume to be the only agency who can produce spectacular work.

However, if you’re amongst the vast majority of businesses whose marketing does not live up to your products full potential, we’d be happy to listen to your goals and help you devise an ROI-focused marketing campaign to achieve them as fast as possible.

Guaranteed Results Or We Work For Free…

Unlike nearly every other agency, we do not expect you to hand over your hard-earned money without performance-based guarantees to hold us accountable.

Which means if we don’t hit our agreed upon KPIs, we work for free until we do.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in delivering a fully transparent service, where you always know exactly how much revenue we have produced for your business on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in profit producing advertising which you can take to the bank on a consistent and reliable basis, we’d advise you to claim a free, zero- obligation 30-minute strategic consult today.


5 Money Saving Questions To Ask Marketing Agencies Before Paying Them

Are you getting ripped off by your marketing agency? These 3 simple steps may tell you. Here’s how to uncover your answer…

Step #1) Request an exclusive copy of your free report below.

Step #2) When you get it, immediately turn to page 3. There (about halfway down the left page) you’ll discover one question which could save you up to $37,000 in the next 12-months (not 1 in 100 agencies will admit this).

Step #3) Flip to page 12. On the right-hand page, you’ll see a word-for-word script containing 3 questions which are ordered (highest to lowest) by the amount of money they can save you – if implemented correctly.

Reserve Your Free 30-Minute Strategic
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Digital Marketing Expert Now


In your strategic consultation, we’ll pair you up with an experienced digital marketing expert who tells you how it is. Your dedicated advisor will listen to your goals and treat your challenges as their own when forging you a tailor-made marketing strategy.

After your zero-obligation session, you can choose to implement your free scientifically based marketing blueprint by yourself or with us. We don’t mind either way.

However, if you would like us to execute your tailor-made marketing campaign (as many of our clients do) we will guarantee you results, or work for free until we shatter our agreed upon KPIs.

So if you’re excited to aggressively scale your bottom-line in the next 90-days through scientific marketing methods that work like wildfire… We suggest you claim your strategic consultation now before spots run out for this month.

To discover exactly what you’ll be shown in your free consult, click the orange button below.